Why Incinerating Toilets?

What is an Incinerating Toilet?

An incineration toilet burns biological waste at high temperatures, leaving only an insignificant quantity of ash amounting to the equivalent of about one teacup for four people during one week of use. Waste is burned in an enclosed incineration chamber, and combustion gases are expelled through a separate ventilation pipe. Incineration toilets are a complete waste solution, in that they get rid of ALL waste without having to be collected and transported elsewhere. Most other toilet systems on the market require that the user transports the end waste to a suitable deposit, but with the Cinderella Incineration Toilet, the odorless and hygienic solution ends up as biodegradable ash, perfect for fertilizing our gardens. Incineration toilets are a popular alternative for toilet installations even in the most remote areas, since the solution does not require a water supply or a costly drainage solution. Cinderella offers several types of incineration toilets using both electricity and gas as sources of energy.

Why choose an incineration toilet?

Incinerating toilet diagram

The freedom to build and travel demands finding practical solutions in our everyday lives. Not the least of which is arriving at comfortable and innovative solutions to handling biological waste. Many challenges with regards to water supply, drainage solutions and infrastructure for vacation homes and other quarters are easilly solved with the Cinderella. People often face major costs and strict regulations when installing sanitary solutions. In remote areas, running water, drains and electricity are still difficult to access, but an incineration toilet makes it possible to achieve approximately the same level of comfort enjoyed at home, without major costs and installation work for water and plumbing. Incineration toilets require little space and are simple to install, resulting in significant savings on the total installation cost.

Unique advantages of incineration toilets

  • No water supply or drainage connections required
  • Not dependent on an electric mains supply
  • Childproof
  • Requires little space
  • Simple installation
  • No waste handling, only an insignificant quantity of ash to be emptied
  • No need to supply bark, chemicals, etc.
  • No insect issues